• Looking for something a little more adventurous for your curious kitties?  This wood and rope bridge with rustic look and feel has easily adjustable rope tension allowing different styles of bridge architecture to alter the design to suit your home.  Great if you want to connect your own vertical spaces or simply span between bookcases or shelves on...

    £ 100.00
  • Rustic look wall mount cat box with rope bridge mounting and hanging basket eyes Cat, hanging Basket, and rope bridges not included.  

    £ 180.00
  • Are those claws ripping up your furniture even though you bought a little scratch post.   Try this GIANT Sissal Scratch post thats great for climbing to higher places or keeping those claws off the furniture. 

    £ 60.00
  • A sisal rope monkey fist that cats will love to get their teeth into.  Supplied with 40 cm rope to tie where you like.

    £ 3.99

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